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Specific Search

Steps to perform a Specific Search

Step 1 - Specify the type of criteria which you want to use to search data i.e. Company Name, Fund Name, Country, Therapeutic Area, etc. from the drop-down list.

Step 2 - Type in the keywords or description of the criteria selected in Step 1 to help specify the search.


For example, if in step 1, you selected Company Classification from the drop-down list, then in step 2 you can specify the criteria as Digital Health. You will then receive a list of startups and investor funds in the Digital Health category.

Classification Values

- Agri-Biotech

- BioInformatics

- BioSystems

- Digital Health

- Early Stage Biotech

- Genomics/Gene Therapy

- Healthcare Analytics

- Medical Devices

- Medical Diagnostics

- Medical Imaging

- Misc

- NanoTechnology

- Nutraceuticals

- Rare Disease

- Stem Cell

- TeleMedicine

Note : Only four search criterias are auto-fill enabled. Start typing when the following ffields are selected and you can see available options.

- Country

- Therapeutic Area

- Classification

- Founder's University

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